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I felt the heartbeat of Mother Earth

After spending the morning reading, (Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr) I felt a sudden urge to get out.

I often react to these impulses. If I’m being told to go somewhere, and I can (ie. I have the car, or I don’t have to work) then I go for it.

Today, I drove to Inverleigh.

Walking down the path to the ley lines I’ve visited once before (four years ago at Beltaine) I had no idea of the impact it was going to happen to me. Last time I went with a friend, and my connection wasn’t entirely strong. I was also rather intimidated by said friend, which I guess didn’t help.

As I walked down, there were cabbage butterflies everywhere. They flew close to me, stopped before my feet before heading off again. They didn’t seem afraid of me and were so friendly. Over the footbridge and over the creek, there was a sparrow. It didn’t fly off when it saw me, but as I slowly walked towards it, it showed me down the path; walking with me but always a few steps closer. I had my camera at hand, and snapped away. And it let me!

Then I saw her – Mother Eucalyptus. She was as grand as she was when I first saw her. Power and wisdom oozed from her branches.

I placed my hands on her balls and channeled, sending my energy to her, and receiving hers into me. I ended up becoming dizzy, so I took my thongs off and stood there channelling with her barefoot, toes dug into the soil. I heard the water moving in the creek, the wind was blowing against me, cooling me down from the sun shining down upon me. I had all the elements around me, and I felt at home.

Through my hands connecting with Mother Eucalyptus, I felt the heart beat of Mother Earth. I felt her song.

Mother Eucalyptus told me I was right to come there, that I would always be welcomed. She reminded me that I once gave her a gift of a flurite wand, and that it had gone onto a new owner. I was wondering where that wand had gotten to!

I’m not entirely sure how long I spent down there. It didn’t matter. Walking back to the car, more butterflies danced around me, so I danced with them. The sun continued to shine, the wind continued to cool me down. I was connected, and I was content.

And now, photos!

The Friendly Sparrow

Cabbage Butterfly

Mother Eucalyptus

Mother’s Eye

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