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Finding yourself after death

These last two-three years have brought immense changes for me. I came out as non-binary, left my husband, changed my name, found my soul mate, shed a bunch of weight after surgery that I have likened to Herne’s accident with the stag. I have shed so much of my old self, through the shedding of… Continue reading Finding yourself after death

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To the Sabbat I will Ride

Brightest Blessings of the Solstice to you all. I’ve always loved the Winter Solstice. I’ve always loved being cold, knowing I could rug up. I love the sound of rain on the metal roof, the freshness in the air, the greening of the hills and how the eucalyptus leaves get this different haze as the… Continue reading To the Sabbat I will Ride

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31 Days of Devotion – Week One

A basic introduction of the deity. Herne the Hunter is an old British Deity, often associate with Cernunnos and Pan, as they are all antlered Gods. However, they are all very different individuals. Herne was once a Hunter of King Richard II’s court. He was beloved by the King for his ability to always bring… Continue reading 31 Days of Devotion – Week One

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Sacrifice and the Gods (The Pagan Experience)

I don’t remember ever feeling mercury in retrograde so powerfully before. I’m not sure if it’s because I always put this feeling of brain mush, incoherence and the desire to be a hermit down to my depression, or PMDD, but I’ve never attributed it to MiR. This time it’s been featuring questioning every recent decision,… Continue reading Sacrifice and the Gods (The Pagan Experience)