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Samhain at Beltane

This year was the first year where I “married” Beltane and Samhain. It’s the “curse of the Southern Hemisphere” as we have Samhain symbols out at Beltane, Yule decorations at Litha, and Ostara at Mabon. Given just how much the veils are open at the end of October, I decided to celebrate both together. I… Continue reading Samhain at Beltane

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Assuming their Roles – a Beltane story

A new tradition of mine is forming – each year I write a short story to read out at the Beltane gathering, hosted by Gliding Seal Events (and unlike last year, this year I had to confidence to read this story aloud!) This year’s gathering as come and gone, and I had an absolute blast! It’s such an… Continue reading Assuming their Roles – a Beltane story