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Blessed Beltaine!

I have made a wreath of fake ivy and wild flowers to go around my hair. My friends will just need to excuse the masking tape I’ve used to tie everything together, I couldn’t find my wire clippers.

In honour of Samhain and my ancestors from the northern lands, I did do a small thing for Samhain tonight. For my Poppy, I had Fanta with dinner.

I keep thinking about being introduced to Sovereignty. I still feel quite honoured, and I’m really researching into her and trying to find more information about her, and about how I can honour her. I know, try meditating, and I have tried that. But then I fall asleep!

I posed the question on a facebook group this morning, asking if anyone has worked with her before. And one thing that keeps repeating, is she’s often seen as The Morrigan. Now to me, these are two different Goddesses, with two different energies. How The Morrigan is depicted is also nothing like who I was introduced to.

After asking that question this morning, I was bombarded with messages from her. The veils are thin from Samhain, so it seems it’s also a perfect time to receive messages from the Gods!

Sovereignty is the essence of the earth. She isn’t Mother Nature, but nature’s protector, and guardian. She is of nature, she is nature. She is the first buds on the tree come Spring, and the final leaf to fall in Autumn. She is the call of the birds, and the flap of their wings. She is the wind rustling through the branches, singing to those who will listen. She is the rain in summer, and the sunshine in winter. She is the cracked clay ground, and the flooded plains. She ensures the crops grow, the flowers bloom, the fruits ripen.

But as beautiful, and giving as she is, she can be heartless, and cruel, and unforgiving. She reminds humanity that no matter how advanced we become, we are not in charge of this earth. Sovereignty is. She is the Mistress, the Matron, the Carer. She brings the floods, the hurricanes and tornados, the drought and the famine. It is her role to bring the balance.

To me, she appeared young and youthful. Her hair was tied up, and she had jewels in her hair. She wore a silver dress, and was slim and petite next to Herne’s tall and strong frame. No, to me, the Goddess I was introduced to was not The Morrigan.

Until she gives me a name (and one is coming to mind, but I’m not sure if that’s just me guessing or if it’s actually from her), I shall continue to honour her as Sovereignty.

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