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Bardic Grade

Since coming out of the broom closet when I was 17, my journey has taken many different paths. When I moved back to Sydney two and a bit years ago, I decided that I was going to study the Bardic Grade of the program run by the OBOD: Order of BardsOvates and Druids, Ovates and Druids. Unfortunately, my credit card expired after the first three months, I let it lapse, and it’s still lapsing. But since I’m doing the both audio and booklet option, I still get to hear the course on my iPod from time to time. In this sense, I like how it’s only the first 12 gwersu, because it allows me to go deeper rather than just skimming over to catch up.

This week in one of the facebook groups I’m in, Druids Down Under (here’s a link to the corresponding blog) a question was asked: “So…how’s your Druidry going?”

My practice has transformed and evolved into something that can only be described as ‘eclectic’. It’s a word that gets thrown around quite a bit, but it finally fits me perfectly.

To go back to the question, the responses in the group had a certain flow – where do you feel you are within the three grades of the Druid? Are you a Bard, do you feel like you’re entering into the Ovate stage, or have you gone through both and entering that of the Druid? Way back when, the journey from Bard to Druid would take twenty years or more. These days, when you don’t –need– to memorise over 1,000 stories told thirty different ways to entertain a King (I’ve been hearing about Netflix…) the grades can be seen as a reflection of learning. For women, it could be likened to that of Maiden/Mother/Crone. Not the best example, but it’s an example.

Right now, I’m very much within the realm of the Bard. I’m keeping up with my blog, and participating in the Pagan Blog Project. I’m back to studying at university, part time and off campus, with five more years until I graduate – Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health). I still have all these different ideas for stories running around in my mind, waiting to be put to paper. My creative side is alive, with being asked to do commissions and the craving to take up ink painting again. And then there’s the unfinished novel I started writing four years ago, which has reached such a stand-still I’m not sure if I feel the need to finish it.

My journey right now is one of discovery, fine tuning, and exploring. With the next ‘B’ I might even post a short story, that doesn’t begin with B. I posted that one at Beltane, so click here if you’d like to read it anyway. I was thinking of re-posting it, but decided against it.

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