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Lughnasadh, Australian Druidry, and the Samhain Gathering

Brightest blessings of Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh, being the festival marking the beginning of the harvest, is somewhat hit and miss with the harvest times here in my part of Australia. Within New South Wales it’s stone fruit season – apricots, nectarines, along with grapes and pears. However, within my garden, the apricots fell from the tree mid-December and the trees are bare of fruit, hence the remark of “hit and miss”.

Removing the heavily traditional aspects of the holiday, it’s still a wonderful time to reflect on the internal. Many of us set goals over the holiday period, or we got the ball rolling sometime last year, so it becomes a way to see if our intentions and goals have born fruit yet.

Personally, my path has changed…again. In order to allow for this change, I’ve had to strip elements of my life back to the core and bare minimum – work, home, uni. Through this, I’ve realised the aspects of my life that I need to prioritise (uni, home); what is non-negotiable (uni, work); and what I must give up because I cannot commit (social life, training).

Coastal Sydney Wheel of the Year by Julie Brett

It can be hard as often the more we change and strip back, we sometimes lose site of who we are. As we can see within the Fire season of the Julie Brett‘s Sydney Wheel of the Year (which I have blogged about on numerous occasions because I just love it!) what can today be a beautiful lush green and grey labyrinth of bushland, with a barkfall covered understory and forest floor; can soon become bare and exposed, blackened after glowing embers ravage the land.

But as we know, fire is not the end. Just as many native plants need fire to germinate, so too do we.

Through stripping back my life to the bare minimum, I’ve been able to see the greater picture, gain a better understanding, and be able to properly realise the prompts that I have been unable acknowledge due to trying to cram so much into my life. I’ve been able to see what I have been neglecting instead of prioritising, work out what aspects of my path need to be put on hold, and what needed the fire to germinate.

Australian Druidry

australian-druidry-coverSpeaking of Julie Brett, did you know she’s got a book out?! Australian Druidry is about Druidry in Australia (she has a wonderfully written speel on her page, where you should go to buy a copy if you haven’t already!) In regards to what I’ve spoken about in this post, she goes into beautiful depth about her Sydney Wheel of the Year.

This isn’t me being biased (okay, maybe a little) but why I mention her Wheel of the Year so often over the years is because it’s helped me gain such a better understanding of the landscape of where I live. I really struggled when I first moved (back) to Sydney six years ago – I went from being solely Ocean-based in my path to land locked Sydney suburbia with a different climate, different energies, and very different seasons and no idea where to begin with such a dramatic change.

Being involved in the initial group discussing this Wheel as played such an integral role of how I practice and honour the land today. She also goes into detail about how you can develop a wheel for your part of the world, something I began for the Riverina but put on hold until I’m living there full time.

Samhain Gathering 2017

The Samhain Gathering will be run this year by Gliding Seal Events in April in a gorgeous part of Sydney. It’s a three day event (stay for two nights or come for the day, entirely up to you) featuring workshops, marketplace and ritual. Tickets are available through the website. I will be leading a meditation journey to accompany the workshop Julie will be leading on the Three Ancestors of bloodline, inspiration and the land. It will be my first time leading on this scale and again, a little bit biased, it’s going to be a great weekend!

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