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Blessings of the Solstice

Blessings of the Solstice to all!


The Longest Day has arrived and astrologically will be at 9.44pm tonight (in Sydney). It’s a time to celebrate the sunshine, the height of Summer, the warmth of the Sun.

My understanding is that it’s traditional to light bonfires to represent the Sun during the Northern Hemispheric celebrations. It’s not recommended in Australia as it’s already hot, humid. Most years we have a Total Fire Ban happening, so if you’re going to light a candle make sure it’s in absolute controlled conditions.

The Solstice marks the time of the final longest day, as from now we begin to descend and prepare for the land’s slumber towards Yule. In the next few months our land will catch alight, the old will be destroyed as fires lick the land clean of the overgrowth, of the dead understory, and allowing for bush regeneration. One of the aspects I love most about our native flora is that some need fire to regenerate – they need the heat of the flame to cook, to break, to release the seeds of life.

Without fire, without the heat of the sun, there is no life.

Tying in with the end of the year, it’s become a time to reflect on our own lives. I know a lot of people have been complaining on social media about “how shit 2016 has been” but personally, this has been a fantastic year for me. I changed degree’s. I’ve started a new role within my company which has given me more responsibility, more opportunities to grow (both within my current role and my field if study). I’ve two years left of my six year degree. I’m owning (OWNING!) a subject I’ve been absolutely terrified of. I’ve learnt skills to open myself up to Spirit Mediumship. I’ve accepted a lot of things that I have been in complete denial of for many many years.

So how am I celebrating today? I mentioned in my last post that a major part of the Solstice for me is the tales of the Oak and Holly Kings.

I’ve taken this week off work as Annual Leave. Yesterday I got my nails done, allowing Herne to choose the colours. Generally I get them in the colours of the season… he choose otherwise. This morning I bought Herne his “birthday gift” as today is (for me) “HIS Day”. I can feel the shift, the change, of the Oak and Holly Kings finalising their work before they hand over the keys (so to speak) and take control of the next half of the year. Tonight once the cool change comes I will be sitting down with Herne and doing my personal rite.

I was hoping to watch the sun rise this morning, but heatstroke yesterday threw my body out of whack, and I wasn’t able to get up. Tomorrow morning, hopefully, I’ll find my way to a beach (It’s very easy to get up at 4am when I need to be at work by 5, but harder once you’re on holidays).

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