The Pagan Experience 2015

When it is time

I’m a big believer of, “things will happen and occur when it is time to experience them.” As such, I’m not a big fan of spell craft as it goes against this long held individual belief. I’m not saying this goes for everything, but within my life this what generally happens.

For example, I failed my Learners drivers test twice in one week because I was rushed before I felt ready. My husband and I could’ve met two years before we did, but we weren’t ready, so we kept missing each other.

Through the laws of attraction, it’s not so much that you want something to happen, but you need to be ready. You need to be in the right frame of mind, open to welcoming the gifts that the universe is able to send your way.

When you are consciously or unconsciously open, you’re more receptive. You are willing to try new things, welcome new ways of being, and will even attract people in your life who are meant to enter your life at that particular moment (like my husband as my earlier example).

I have had many people come and go from my life, and they’ve all entered and played a wonderful or not-so-fantastic role. They’ve come to help me deal with my mental issues, help me realise my full potential, or help me learn valuable life lessons. Many have assisted in my progression on the Pagan path over the years in various states and cities, and a number have become family members (one friend in particular became my sister, and her daughter my niece!).

When I have allowed for positivity to enter my life, I have attracted positivity. When I’ve needed to experience the darker side of the spiral of life, then I enter that world for however long a period I need to spend in their with the knowledge that it is not forever.

Within my own life (and I talk like that because I don’t want to assume to speak for everyone) things cannot be rushed. If I try to rush things to happen, then they take longer, as I then give up and burn out, throwing my hands up in the air in defeat.

Everything happens in due time. When you are ready, you will attract the necessary elements of life to be successful in what you set out to do. Otherwise, you will “trial-and-error” until what shall be, shall be.

On that note, I have finished my “trial-and-error” in regards to my PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). I am now on the medication necessary to balance the hormonal imbalance, allowing me to now start up with the things I’ve been wanting to do but could not due to my epic mood swings and hormonal bipolar!

One thought on “When it is time

  1. I have a similar perspective. I don’t do much spellcrafting because I generally don’t feel the need for it. People say I’m such an optimist, but I really do believe that being open, receptive, and having the right attitude goes a long way. Some people make the mistake of thinking that this way of looking at things makes you the kind of person that just waits around for things to happen, but I disagree. I think it makes you the kind of person that takes the right kinds of risks.

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