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Bathing in the clear waters of the path

I’m stepping away from the blog projects for a while as I have a lot of new inner goodness and outer exploration to work my head around. What begun with answering a question on Facebook has taken me down a wonderful path of self exploration, finding balance (as you know I’m obsessed with) and working through demons I thought I had long laid to rest.

I am reminded of something Pan said to me in my early 20s at a group workshop. I was too scared to look him in the eyes so I kept my gaze to the ground, but his words were, “you do not know everything you think you know.”

I feel that way again – like a new born babe trying to find their place in the world. I feel like I am coming to this path, this new spiritual journey with fresh eyes and an old soul. I am bubbling with knowledge of “the basics” and “bits and pieces” and I am itching to know more, to delve into new and unexplored possibilities, to dance and sing and allow my soul to float and spin and embrace everything the universe has to offer.

I am finding things come full circle – aspects of the Craft within my own personal study that I stopped with years ago coming back to the surface. Druidry, Sovereignty, Lady Guinevere, Arianrhod, the Green Woman…finding that life is indeed a spiral, and I’ve come out from the darker hallways of the spiral to where the roof is clear and the sun shines through illuminating the way.

I feel strong and powerful. I feel connected and confident. I feel balanced, and ready to continue this new path.

I am at the bridge, but rather than walking over the bridge, I enter the water that flows beneath and bathe, cleanse, wash away the dead skin and any negativity to embark the next stage of the path on the opposite bank fresh and anew.

One thought on “Bathing in the clear waters of the path

  1. Congratulations on the new-found renewal! 🙂 Many blessings on your forward journey, I’m looking forward to hearing about it as you go along.

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