Pagans Down Under

Tools of the Craft

One of the topics on the Pagans Down Under blog project is ‘Favourite Craft Tool.’ I mentioned a lot of my tools in the ‘altar’ topic post, and to be honest with you, I don’t really have a favourite.

In my actual practice, I don’t use a lot of tools. I’m so used to not using tools after years of Water Witchcraft (no knives at the beach…even beautiful athames) that I learnt to get by with my own self and whatever nature had on offer at the time.

I have them, of course, as most of us do. They sit on my altar getting the occasional clean with specially made oil or a bit of a spritz or sometimes a dance through smoke, but in my practice I’m not someone who places the athame into the chalice to symbolize the Goddess and God coming together.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done that, not even when I first began with Wicca!

So to be honest and to answer the topic, I guess my favourite craft tool is a good pair of shoes. I recently threw out my favourite pair of wandering shoes because they had gotten disgusting, but a good pair of shoes is perfect for me. Closed toe in winter, open in summer. It allows me to venture to where I feel my soul needs to go so I can sit or walk in nature and just…be.

I have a “crane bag” that I take when I remember it to collect bits and pieces I find gifted – a feather (often), a stone (rarely), a fallen leaf (odd occasion). I don’t generally take anything with me because if I need to find something when I choose to stop, I can generally find something. But when the sun is shining I don’t need a candle, when the breeze is surrounding me I don’t need incense. No, I tell a lie, I do have a very hardy shell in the bag for when I feel I need a water element with me.

I think the longer you practice, the less “stuff” you need. I bought so much “stuff” when I first began because the books tell you to – have your altar this way, in this facing corner. Now use this, this and wear that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my “stuff”! But I’ve taken a step back and am in the “do I really need this tool for my craft, can I rehome it once I’ve cleansed it, or should I put it away for later on” stage.

Good shoes. Get some good, comfy shoes. And then dance around barefoot.

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