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I’m not ashamed of being fat (haters gonna hate)

This week on ‘Too Fat for a Broomstick’, someone called me “Fat”. Actually, four people within 2 minutes verbally abused me for being fat. Haters gonna hate.

Too Fat for a Broomstick

Last night Mark and I were in Chester Hill. While Mark collected dinner I walked up and down the main street trying to get my vivofit numbers up as my psoriasis meant doing my usual evening walk was out of the question.

While walking I was verbally abused and made to feel ashamed for being fat by four people in the space of two minutes. Two guys cat called and laughed behind my back, and two separate people yelled out from the car windows.

Normally I would feel the guilt and shame that they were directing at me. Normally I’d go quiet, and hide within myself, not wanting to make eye contact because hey, someone called me fat.

Instead, I shook it off. For the first time in my life I wasn’t phased, and I certainly didn’t get upset. I didn’t even feel ashamed. I was simply a heavy girl walking…

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