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Noon of the Solstice

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment, so all plans for Midsummer went out the window.

We were given horrible news last week, then more on Saturday, and to be honest I’ve no idea how I’m keeping it all together. For the last few months I’ve been running on empty, and now I’ve hit a brick wall given everything happening.

But I’m in my home town, with family, with my Muggle, and with our Charlie. Yes, we took our cat on a 12 hour drive interstate. It’s not a family holiday without all of the family involved.

There’s two more topics left for the Pagan Blog Project and I doubt I’ll get to them until the new year. Z is a difficult letter.

So with my original Litha plans gone, Herne has been helping me adapt so I could at least do something, so I could have some form of normality and happy. This morning featured a trip down to Anglesea to celebrate with an overcast sky. It was wonderful.

I’m exhausted, and I’m assuming it’s coming through in this post. So here’s some photos. I’m sorry about the sizes. I’m on my tablet and I can’t seem to fix them properly.

And Happy 63rd Anniversary to my amazing grandparents.








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