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Exercising with the Gods

This week on “Too Fat for a Broomstick,” I make a deal with the Horned One.

Too Fat for a Broomstick

Well, it took us two weeks to put the elliptical trainer together. There were SO many pieces! Between the excess heat and exhaustion getting home from work…two flippen weeks!

Needless to say, this year only driving to work – no walking up The Hill, no public transport, no stairs at Central Station – has paid it’s toll. Rather than happily being able to do 2km in 20 minutes like I was able to do this time last year, this afternoon I managed 400m in 5 minutes. With stops.

On Saturday morning I over-did it. I powered out 400m with inclines and laps and I fell off the equipment in a Bridget Jones-like fashion, onto the bed next to it.


I doubt I’d be able to power-leg-press 150kg like I was doing last year. I doubt I could comfortably climb three flights of stairs, or do a 5km walk with ease…

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