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A Time for Change

Of late I’ve been thinking that I feel disconnected from Earth. This isn’t new as I’ve gone through this before.

I loved Fire in my teens, particularly because I’m a Leo. Then I worked with the Ocean for years. I moved to Sydney and connected with Earth.

I remember reading in my early days on this path (I’m pretty sure it was Shanddaramon) that “don’t try to connect with all the elements at once. You’ll find they come and go from your path as you grow.” The same went with learning tarot before runes (still haven’t gotten to runes properly), with learning crystals before herbs (finally getting to herbs!), and reading as much as I could and understanding elements of the craft before starting any major spell craft.

When I was doing my thing during the full moon, each herb I connected with for some spell craft seemed to have a very strong ‘air’ connection to it, or a very strong masculine ‘fire’ connection.

Just as I was thinking about this, it began to thunder. I know that we were expecting a thunder storm tonight, but I found it comforting in that I’ve been thinking about air, and qualities of air, and then the thunder began.

Rosemary (masculine, fire), cloves (masculine, fire), lemongrass (masculine, air), lavender (masculine, air), mistletoe (masculine, air). The lavender properties really threw me – possibly because I associate it so much with my grandmothers. As a flower in the garden I associate it as feminine, however it is incredibly masculine when burnt straight onto charcoal as it has a very woody smell.

Even citrine, a stone I’m obsessed with at the moment (I go through phases) is associated with air.

Because of my change in work environments and my inability to comfortably do my morning ritual, I’m finding that I’m craving the wind. Standing on the deck between the office and the crib room, I ache for the breeze to connect with. When I practiced Ocean Witchcraft, once of my favourite ways of communicating with the spirits of the land was with the wind.

I think a new stage of my path and learning is at hand.

Has anyone else experienced this?

One thought on “A Time for Change

  1. I totally agree. I’m a Virgo, so have that natural connection to Earth. Water has always been a favorite,,despite living several hours from the ocean. Water has always healed and rejuvenated me.
    Since moving to my current home, many years ago now, I have found a deep connection to Air.
    Here, the wind is a nearly constant thing, blowing in from the west. I used to hate it, but I’ve recently began to love it.
    The West wind blows in the rain, and blows it out again. In the summer, the wind is dry and arid, in winter, bitterly cold.
    The wind now feels like home. I stand in that breeze and I can feel it cleansing me, blowing away all that negativity.
    I am now so connected to that wind, I can call it up. This really surprised me the first time I did this.
    I never would have thought I would be an air girl. Yet here I am. Air chose me.

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