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Dealing with Stress

Oh dear Gods, the stress!

My stress levels at the moment are ridiculous. Today I’ve been at the point of shaking from stress and I’m one nag away from yelling at the Engineers I work with. My body is doing some stupid things because it doesn’t know what to do regarding my stress levels.

So I put out a call for help…and this is why I love the Pagan online community.

Question: Does anyone have any suggestions to deal with major stress? As in, “this situation is so out of control, there’s no help to be given, it won’t go away, and there’s nothing I can do to make it easier.” Between 11 hour work days (which still isn’t enough), an impending uni essay worth 45% which I’m not sure is even remotely correct (oh! and due Sunday night) along with major hormonal problems BECAUSE of the stress of everything (TMI [removed]) – I honestly don’t know what to do that doesn’t involve drinking on the job or taking up smoking. I’d go to the Doctor but I don’t have enough time in my day to get there during work hours (7am-6pm)

Herbs, crystals, affirmations, anything! I don’t care if it’s incredibly fluffy, I don’t care if you’re quoting Doreen Virtue at me, I don’t even care if it means sacrificing a goat at this stage. Anything that doesn’t involve meditation (because I’m so exhausted I’ll just fall asleep anyway) or degrading myself because my self esteem is standing on a cliff right now as it is.

I’m so stressed each time I’ve written “involve” here I actually wrote “invoice” and had to change it. Ahhh the origins of my stress…as much as I love my job, it’s not a good idea to tell all the engineers I work with wanting things to just fuck off.


We’ve all looked for spells to help with our stress. As I even put out the call – I am willing to try ANYTHING! Reading the replies I got from this, having some work load taken off me by one of the PE’s and some Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle is helping me calm a little…

The consensus…

If you can, go sit in nature. Even if only for 20 mins, just sit.

Rather than spells, candles, crystals or herbs…rather than a ritual while trying to keep the cat out of the room because you know he’ll just attack the curtains, or trying to do something in the back yard with the mosquitoes and the two pregnant tabby’s always wanting food (don’t blame them)…

Sometimes the best option is the one we’re too angry to see, to consider, to think about…and the simplest and most logical. Now for some good weather!


Awen in my Forest

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