30 Days of Devotion

Day Twenty-Seven: Misconceptions

Day the twenty-seventh: Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered.

The belief that he isn’t a “real god” or “real Deity” because of how he began, and how his myth first began. That he isn’t a “true” Horned God because he’s not as ancient as Pan or Cernunnos.

Or those that believe he isn’t a God at all, just the spirit of a man who we can still connect with.

He is every bit the Deity. He is every bit the Horned God. He is who he is, and like other Deities, you just don’t mess with them or talk down to them. (actually, don’t talk down to anyone – it’s rude!)

I’ve said it before during this 30 Days of Devotion – don’t make up your mind about a Deity, or anyone for that matter, when you’ve only read a few things about that person. It’s like judging someone by a three sentence description…or online dating. Until you’ve met with, talked with, gotten to know someone, don’t make a judgement.


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