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Painting without Paintbrushes

Untitled, by Book of Eucalypt 2014
Untitled, by Book of Eucalypt 2014

Once the Sparkie had left from fixing the lights on the right side of the house which went dead after heavy rain and a cracked roof tile (breatheeeeeeeeeee) I found a blank canvas, some cheap paints and couldn’t be bothered looking for my paint brushes.

It provided the perfect break from the “oh shit I have a report due next Saturday and I really should make a start” day that I have taken off from work.

– prepainted and mounted white canvas ($4.99 from Hot Dollar)
– acrylic paint ($2.99 for the 12 pack of itty bitty tubes from Hot Dollar)
– dish cloth (from under the sink)
– cut up pieces of a paper plate (from the bottom kitchen drawer)

I was hoping to add purple to the skyline, but the “let’s make purple” didn’t work as well as I hoped it would…it became brown…

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