30 Days of Devotion

Day Thirteen: Modern Cultural Issues

Day the Thirteenth: What modern cultural issues are closest to this deity’s heart?

Land conservation. Being that one aspect of who he is is the Lord of the Forests, most notably Windsor Forest, the world needs to be green. I read about the awful things Australia’s current pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is doing and approving, and I feel anger – not just from within myself, but from within Herne.

Abbott’s government has approved the massive Carmichael Coal Mine to be developed in Queensland that will strip natural resources and do irreversible damage to the land, and threatens to do even more damage to the Great Barrier Reef with it’s run off, not to mention the millions and millions of tones of carbon dioxide that will be added to the atmosphere. But that’s ok, because he’s appointed a  to appointing a Carbon Change Skeptic in charge of our country’s Renewable Energy Target program, and then slashed $435 million in funding from its commitment to meet the 20% renewable energy goal by 2020.

And then there’s his attempt to strip Tasmania of its UNESCO World Heritage designation of 183,000 acre preserved land…FOR LOGGING.

Herne has just spat in my ear, and I feel like doing the same.

On behalf of all Australians who care, I apologise to the world for our sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. He got into office by feeding the already-run Liberal media lies about the Labour government, then won through preferential voting. He is Australia’s answer to George W. Bush, and he is making this beautiful country an absolute joke with sending us backwards with his 1950’s government mentality.

I didn’t mean for this post to be a slag against our government, but with what’s happening at the moment it’s hard not to.

I know that I don’t understand because I’m not that type of person, but when people put money and greed before everything else, just so they can live in luxury for the short amount of time they will spend on this land…it brings a foul taste to my mouth.

A few hundred years ago there was less than 500 million people on this planet. Probably even less than 100 million. Now look at us, look at what we’re doing, and how on earth can we be sustainable when the processes we’re trying to put into place for the good of our society and the good of the earth is being ripped away before it has a chance to begin…

Can someone please tell me how it’s all justifiable in the end?

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