30 Days of Devotion

Day Fourteen: Modern Day Worship

Day the fourteenth: Has worship of this deity changed in modern times?

I’ve looked in books and online, and there is little that I can find of traditional ways to honour Herne. All I can go off is my personal ways of honouring him, and what I’ve read from other people’s blogs in honouring him.

I’d like to extend an invitation – if people feel comfortable – in using this space and the comments section as a way of sharing how you honour Herne. 

I guess one of the biggest ways I personally honour him, honour our relationship, is studying my degree at university. Day 13’s post has made me realise just how much I am enjoying my study, and how much it does tie back into honouring Herne.

I’m studying the Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health). This semester’s subjects are ‘Resource Sustainability’ and ‘Environmental Regulation and Policy.’

Being a city girl who has never gone hunting (with the exception of one time riding along on the back of a ute rabbit shooting as a child) I honour Herne through offerings of resin and oil, though studying my course at uni, through getting to know him, and through spending time out doors. I honour him by picking up litter, looking after the six strays at our front door (I have a feeling one or two are inside at the moment as I’ve left the front door open for them).

If I was ever to be around a fire (which I cannot do at my current place) I would offer him a nice piece of venison. And the next time I cook with venison, or any red meat (which we don’t really eat a lot of) I can offer some of my dinner, or cook a piece especially for him, which I would then cut up and give to our extended feline family.

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