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30 Days of Devotion – Herne the Hunter

I first stumbled across this idea two months ago. I can’t remember the blog I first saw it on, but when I find it I will post a link to it here (Serpents Labyrinth)

This morning at 4.04am Sydney Eastern Standard Time (or thereabouts) it was the official August Full Moon. This date is incredibly special to myself and my relationship to Herne, as it is the day that I first dedicated my life, and my journey on this path, to Him. I dedicated myself to being His Student, and His Daughter. The night was freezing, and next door’s dog wouldn’t stop barking, but I have never looked back.

This has since taken me on a journey into self discovery; into a process of letting go of the old, and finding the strength to carry on; and it’s taken me onto the path of university study.

Originally I was going to go up The Hill tonight to celebrate the Full Moon. Intuition is telling me to stay home, and conduct a ritual for Him.

There will eventually be a tab up the top for this series, maybe in a few days time, with links to all relevant posts.

(I haven’t forgotten that I’m two weeks behind in posting for the Pagan Blog Project. The topics are there, but the words are not. Yet.)

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