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Organised Events

I cannot organise a house warming party, let alone a major event. Organising my handfasting was stressful enough.

I really just wanted to use this post to thank the Pagan Awareness Network (PAN Inc), in particular the wonderful Pete, for organising such a wonderful evening on Saturday night.


It was a fantastic night! The band, The Crooked Fiddle Band, were absolutely phenomenal. It was the first time I had really heard them and I came home with two of their CDs. For the first set I was standing right by the speakers, and with one of the songs the drum beat sent me off into such a trance…it was amazing! It was my first Witches Ball sober, and my legs were only slightly sore after all night dancing (and by dancing I mean…I swayed back and forth because this girl doesn’t have rhythm!)

I’m very lucky in that Sydney has a wonderful Pagan community. I’m sure there are politics that I’m not aware of or thankfully involved in, but for a solitary who was once new to Sydney, the PAN events in particular have been incredibly welcoming and very well planned.

If there are any organised events in your local area, do try and go along to them. If you’re not sure if there is a Pagan Community in your area, the first place I looked (back in the day!) was The Witches Voice. I have made some fantastic friends through going to local and interstate organised events. I’m trying very hard this year not to become a “Fair Weather Pagan” up at The Hill. So far the only thing that has stopped me going this year is the flu and rain (which was the one night!)

So here’s me in my “costume” for the Witches Ball. I call it, “I wanted to be a pirate but I’m fat and on a budget.” I also created a holster for that sword with a stray piece of leather so I wouldn’t have to hold it all night. And, I might just add, that yes I’m wearing thongs (flip flops). Do you know how hard it is to find size 11 boots with a wide fit base AND a wide calf area?! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! Damn my big man feet! And thank-you to my gorgeous soul-sister S.G. for helping me put this outfit together!


One thought on “Organised Events

  1. SWEET Idea with the ball. I did a banquet for the last meeting of the ATHENA Society. Sadly this year it will not continue due to lack of an advisor. But it will at my own place.
    I love the dress as well… which you will now hand over the booty yar!!

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