Around the Cauldron · Celebrating the Sabbats


I love listening to intuition. Not getting off at my normal station, instead getting off one further like I used to. Then walking through the park, and going back to my power spot, the specific spot on the grass where I used to do my morning ritual.

And just like that, the disconnectedness I had been feeling again disappeared.

I grounded, connected to Mother Earth, raised my arms to the sky and welcomed the dawn. My voice was steady and powerful, my words had force and definition and they just rolled off my tongue, as if they were waiting to be said again.

With the rising of the morning sun over the waters glistening deep, may there be peace in the East.

Being confused (again) over who I am, I lost track of the new me that I had recently discovered. It’s still such a new way of being and I haven’t completely worked out how to hold onto it. I lost my way, began walking down the wrong path, but I’m found again. Sometimes you need to reach the very bottom before you can push off with your feet to rise back to the surface for air.

Yesterday I reached the bottom. Today, Imbolc, I’m at the surface.

Today, Imbolc, I am worthy. I am worthy of a healthy body, of a healthy mind, of self-respect and of self-love. I am not a victim of my mind, of my past. Blank pages are opened to me, awaiting for a new story to be told.

I am a Daughter of Herne the Hunter. I lost sight of who I was, but my body just had to catch up to my soul waiting for me in my spot in the park in the city.

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