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Within the drum beat of Mother Earth, and running barefoot through the Forest

Last Sunday I joined friends in a Native American (style) drum making workshop. It was an interesting day, to say the least. But at the end of it, I came home with a gorgeous drum! Canadian Cedar hoop and Raw Deer Hide from wild Australian deer.

Throughout the making of it I asked my Patron Herne the Hunter to lend his energy and to bless the drum. Being made from deer, I thought this was a good honouring of both the deer and Herne.

It’s taken several days for it to dry, and each day I have blessed the drum with sage, later adding rosemary, and asking for Herne to continue to bless it. Of a night I have laid crystals upon it, namely fluorite and mookaite, to lend their energies to the drum.

There is a reason for those stones, but intuition is telling me not to go into it.

Today was the seventh day of blessings. I rose early, as there were a number of things I needed to do before the final blessing and beating of this, something I’ve been waiting to do!

I made myself a pendant. It’s my new-style Tree of Life pendants with Mookaite chips. Again, I’m not allowed to go into the story behind the choosing of this stone. But this is to be a ritual-only piece of jewellery. Taking three hours to make, I watched Merlin for entertainment.

While the glue was drying (to hold the wire so it doesn’t catch or move around on the circle) I began adding string to the back of the drum.

I love the lacing style I chose. The three of us all chose it, but I suspect for different reasons. Apparently most women chose this lacing style because of it’s fluidity. Personally, I chose it because it reminded me of antlers.

It was suggested on the day to cover the compass points of the lacing with cotton or wool for acoustic reasons. So I did. With green.

Another few hours gone. I ended up using my fluorite wand as a spindle as it was such a small space.

But it sounds divine!

…and running barefoot through the Forest…

I know it’s Imbolc coming up, but Imbolc as August 2nd is my anniversary with my Muggle. So no Witchy things will be happening that night (however much I’m CRAVING a good ritual up at The Hill!)

Today I began part one of my three-part ritual, dedicating myself to Herne.

It was simple, but effective. I could only do so much out in the back yard, dressed in my ritual clothing, without making my rather racist neighbour want to come out and have a chat about all the ethnic groups in the area and his dislike for them. Oh yeah, we live next that THAT guy!

My newly created pendant was a gift to myself (in a manner of speaking) and a symbol of my dedication. I came inside and FINALLY played and beat the drum, much to Herne’s approval. The final installment will be a tattoo on my wrist, but that won’t happen until September.

I’ve got to be careful about how much I say from now. I tried writing an email telling a friend of the wonderful conversations I’ve been having with Herne this last week, and he made sure I knew not to send it.

I have a firm grasp of what he looks like in my head. I know the colour of his hair, his eyes, and how full his beard is.

He has a wonderfully wicked sense of humour. Leading to this Dedication to him, I asked him to give me a craft name. Through letters and a pendulum he spelt EBEABNP. I asked if he was taking the piss, and oh yes indeed he was!

This is all of our conversation that I will be sharing. It is sacred to me, and  know I need to learn to not feel the need to share ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

I am a Dedicant and Daughter of Herne the Hunter, and I couldn’t be happier.

2 thoughts on “Within the drum beat of Mother Earth, and running barefoot through the Forest

    1. I never realised how funny he is! Walking Hyde Park this morning going to work, we were having a conversation through the Shuffle mode on my iPod. There were people doing training on the other side, running up and down the hill. He ensured “Eye of the Tiger” came on! I burst into laughter and got some strange looks from passersby!

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