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Never underestimate the power of crystals

Bleh, writer’s block. It’s evil. It creeps up out of nowhere, just as you sit down to write a scene that has been playing in your mind all day.

And nothing.

That was me this afternoon. Painful, painful!! I’ve been wanting to write this one particular scene for my novel for a few days now, but it was all about getting it from Point A (which was written) to Point B (also written). This was filler, so to speak, the drive from Point A to B. And would it come? No. Would inspiration allow me to type a few hundred words?

…I think I wrote five. Seriously frustrating!

Of late I’ve discovered just how powerful crystals can be, especially when worn as pendants. Yes, I love working with them individually, but I don’t normally strongly connect with them until they’re either in my pocket or around my neck, and have never worked with them in this regard before. I’ve also got a little OCD (Obsessive Crystal Disorder) so I found diving into my collection this afternoon quite a rewarding experience.

Needed: a small collection of crystals to assist with creativity, and getting rid of evil writer’s block.

Solution: Two pendants (one my favourite citrine, the other crazy lace agate); my favourite bracelets (a mixture of aventurine, tigers eye, fluorite, moonstone, and jet); along with tumbles, points and rough cuts of citrine, elestrial quartz, chalcedony and carnelian in the pockets of my jacket.

Result: 100 words written, and over four hours spent on a new pendant for a friend. That’s right, a four hour piece! One moment it was 3.30 and I was almost finished putting the roots on, the next it’s 6.30pm, and I’m wondering why I’m sore, hungry and busting for the toilet!

Tree of Life pendant

So the crystals certainly worked, and I got such an increased buzz of creative energy! It may not have been in the direction that I would’ve liked it to go in, but it certainly was fun creating this new pendant! I’ve never made one this elaborate before, and I think these types will only be made by request.


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