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I found my Australian spirit animal (I am the Emu)

I ended up taking today off work. I went to the Doctor’s yesterday as I’m dealing with shit at the moment, so I went in this morning with a blood test. Due to when I went in, it wasn’t worth going to work afterwards. I’m planning on working back next week (with the exception of Monday for the Full Moon) so I’ll make up for it.

I’ve lived in this area of Sydney on and off for two years. I first moved here to be with my Muggle at the end of 2008/start of 2009. Then we moved to Victoria at the end of 2009, and back again after our handfasting in 2010. Yes, we move around a lot.

All this time, I’ve always wanted to go to the local botanical gardens. It was a drive from our first house up here, and a short walk from Nan’s, but each time I tried to go, it was either shut, raining, or there was a special event on (mostly weddings).

Today is Friday, kids are at school, people are at university or work. I took advantage of the day and finally went.

And two hours later, I emerged, completely invigorated.

The gardens are absolutely stunning. Phenomenal, beautifully kept, diverse. Aside from the maintenance staff, it was just me. Towards the end there was a young couple with their child, but for the most part – me and the birds within.

I found my Australian spirit animal while there. I was completely surprised by this, but they had Australian animals within the park. And the Emu, I felt connected to it immediately. Its strength and power, its independence. Its spirit called to me, and I listened, and I answered.

I couldn’t help but just stare at it. It was magnificent. I had never seen one up close, that wasn’t via a screen. I felt its age, its history. I felt it not being born of this park, but introduced from a harsher upbringing. I heard its heartbeat, and it matched with mine.

I am currently going through a process of transformation, where I am leaving behind my old self and being reborn into this new mentality and spiritual awareness. The Emu is the only bird that cannot walk backwards, only forwards. I am leaving my past behind, and going forth.

I am the Emu.

3 thoughts on “I found my Australian spirit animal (I am the Emu)

    1. What I discovered was, while a foot or two away from an emu, was that I instantly felt connected to it. I am Australian, I connect with the energies of this land. It’s all well and good to believe that my spirit guide/totem may be the wolf, or the bear, (my spirit guides are neither, but I do believe both are as equally important and magestic) I’ve never seen those animals outside of a zoo, and I’ve never had them visit me.

      It’s not that we have different guides for different places; but mine is of this land, and to not discount the animals of where you live. I’ve seen so many fellow Aussies only go by what is traditional, what they’ve read in books, and it’s all Northern Hemisphere based. Great, if it works for them. But I’ve never felt comfortable with that. I see magpies, see cuts on trees by koalas, lyre birds, and magpie larks. I’ve seen redback spiders on the walls of shopping centres in the middle of Sydney. I’ve had white tail spiders in my shower. I’ve never understood why we don’t pay more attention to where we live, why we put so much emphasis on ancestral lands. So I guess I’m branching away from the “traditional” elements of Paganism, and completely embracing stories, fauna, flora of where I am.

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