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Warrior or Hunter

I need to focus my attention, and naturally through writing that I need to focus my attention, I’m not focusing it on what I need to focus on – exam cramming.

As I spoke to Herne and cried my wails (read: first world problems) he corrected me on my choice of terminology:

If I’m asking for the strength of the Warrior, what am I ready to fight against?

In this case, with my current stress levels and impending doom – I mean, upcoming university exam – it’s not the fight that I need to focus on, but rather the Hunt.

Walk before you run, my child, he tells me.

Before you pull back the string and unleash the arrow from your bow, do you know what you’re doing? What’s your target? Wait, stalk, watch and learn before you go charging into the forest like a child that just received it’s first bow.

Before you can be the Warrior, you need to learn to be the Hunter. You need to learn your prey – it’s movements, it’s habits; where it eats, where it sleeps – and prove yourself to be able to provide and have patience. 

With his words still echoing in my mind, I look over to my work where I’m writing up my own archetypes. Yes, Hunter is before Warrior.

Thanks, Herne.

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