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Meeting Manannán mac Lir

I’ve never worked with Manannán mac Lir before, and until a search before writing this, I don’t believe I was even pronouncing his name correctly.

Manannán mac Lir is a Deity of Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and Manx legend, associated with the Tuatha and the Formorians. He is the God of the sea, the oceans, and storms.

In New South Wales this weekend is the Labour Day long weekend. With beautiful 35C weather, and me in desperate need of a break from the work-uni-work-uni-millions-of-cats routine (as I wrote this, Pirate-cat comes to join me), the Muggle and I went for our first day trip north (of Sydney) in years.


The moment I stood on the sand and the waves greeted me, I said his name. Manannan.

Something within me knew that this energy was his. This day, this swell, these rips – this was his domain. It felt so different to my old beach home, so different to any sandy shore I had stood on before.

But it wasn’t just Manannan mac Lir that greeted me.

In learning to expand my psychic awareness, I was able to meet the Ancestral Guardian and Spirit of the land. He showed himself as a Koori elder, with a name I can only manage to pronounce in my mind with his correcting me. He told me the story of the land, the history of the stretch of beach we stood upon.

I was told off and belittled for losing concentration when he was telling the story, for not giving my complete self in that moment. I stated my case, and after being reminded that I am “a white fella” he seemed to use that as reasoning.

But in the end, he told me the tale. I stood still, I listened, and I felt honoured to have been able to share in such a moment.

Today I had the honour to meet two very amazing energies; a Deity of my bloodline, and a Spirit of Place whose face I was finally allowed to see.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Manannán mac Lir

  1. That sounds like such a beautiful and powerful experience. While I am relatively new to magick and wicca, I think sea magick sounds like the right fit for me. I’ve always been drawn to water and feel most at peace on the lake or the sea. Im having a challenging time looking for resources though. Are there any particular books that you recommend for learning sea magick or insights you could share?

    1. Fantastic! Working with the water is amazing and powerful and scary and beautiful all combined!

      I’ve only found two books specifically on sea magick – Sea Magick by Sandra Kynes, and Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert. While I admire both, I never found them a match for what I ended up doing. I’ve drawn a lot from Druidry and trial-and-error, seeing what felt right with where I was.

      I blogged about OceanCraft a little while ago, so this might give you a bit more insight.

  2. Sounds like a great experience! I always like to hear about others experiences with Manannán mac Lir…although I’m not particularly drawn to water or the ocean (quite the contrary), I do consider him one of my patron deities. Funny how he works sometimes.

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