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Developing Archetypes

Midwinter offering of land, sea and sky
Midwinter offering of land, sea and sky

Since I’ve begun working with different Archetypes of the Goddess with my wonderful Sisters, I’ve felt this nagging sensation to develop something similar for the God, and in particular, for Herne.

I was weary to act upon it for a number of different reasons – not associating myself as male and thus maybe not getting the same experience out of it as I do associating with the Goddess, because between all my current commitments could I really handle another, and where do I begin?!

Do I cover a range of attributes to the Hunt like what brennaxadaira has done (fudging amazing work, you should really check it out) or do I follow a Masculine version of Maiden/Mother/Crone with Son/Father/Sage and develop from there?


Herne, in his amazing, cheeky, wonderful self answered my question without me realising I had even asked the question, and I will post about it in detail later on when I’ve spoken to him in greater depth about what he wants me to do. There’s been some, “don’t do this, rather concentrate on this” so I’m really looking forward to developing this new path with him.

No one will have the exact same relationship with a particular Deity, just as no one will have the same relationship with me as Herne will. He is different with me than he is with others as I am different with him than I am with my husband. I love this about the Gods, and about Herne in particular as it is a constant reminder of one of the first things I really heard him say to me: Remember, I was once human.

This is why I’ll never say ‘Him’ or ‘He’ with a capital because as much as I honour him, adore him and respect him, it’s too similar to what my Catholic upbringing forced upon me, and he gets that.

Again, every Deity is different. Just because Herne and I have this sort of relationship, it doesn’t mean I expect it with the next Deity I interact with.

"Herne" by BookOfEucalypt, 2012
“Herne” by BookOfEucalypt, 2012

This, I feel, will also play a large part in the Archetypes I’m to development for my own path through the forest. Sometimes (and we all do this) we tend to focus on a certain element of Deity and forget the rest of their personality type, forget what else they represent in myth and to us, forget what their story is. (With deer being quite popular at the moment, I’m finding a lot of deer stationary is making it’s way into my home, and the last one his response was, “Bloody hell, not another one!”)

So I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of my path, which I think I’ve found a title for. So many things are falling into place and aligning themselves with this new quest, it’s going to be interesting as to how it all plays out.

It’s also another prime example of not having to always follow the road most travelled.

"Guided through the forest" OohChiara 2015
“Guided through the forest” OohChiara 2015

One thought on “Developing Archetypes

  1. Thank you for the link / mention! I look forward to hearing about what you end up coming up with regarding archetypes and Herne. 🙂
    Forest Blessings,

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