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Words in Spellcraft (Be Specific!)

They say that we must be careful of what we say, of what we think, because words can be harmful. Words and language has a certain power to them that we tend to over look because they’re just words, right?


What we say about ourselves, about others, to others, to ourselves – it all has a lasting effect. As someone with an INFJ personality I can easily find myself anxious over a text message read the wrong way, or a memory of something that happened in Primary School reliving the anxiety because an instruction to me was worded wrong. Yes, at 30 I still get upset over shit that happened in the 90s.


When we write our own spells, when we write reports or assignments, when we word a work email differently depending on who is receiving it – words have a beautiful flow to them. Words have power, immense power, but we don’t remember this because so many of us don’t think before we speak. For some, this can land us into trouble in both our daily lives, and in our spiritual lives.


As Witches it’s even more important that we watch how we phrase words. Most of us will know that during spell craft we need to be particular with our wording and phrasing as it can make-or-break a spell (so to speak). When we want our actions to be recognised, we need to ensure that we say specifically what we want and not be…coy? No. Don’t fuck about the bush, is the sentence coming to mind.

anigif_enhanced-23570-1394739083-2Do you want money to pay the bills? Then ask for it. Do you want a holiday away? Specify a holiday away. Do you need some help with uni assignments, or some annoying person at your work to leave, or whatever comes to mind…BE SPECIFIC WHEN ASKING FOR IT! Spells can go awry – and certainly not to plan – when we do not formulate our words properly. Do not leave it to the power of the universe when it comes to trying to manifest, and do not leave it to unfinished ramblings of verbal diarrhoea.


Finally I’d like to apologise if this post is choppy, if my points are all over the shop, if there is no flow, or if I wasn’t too specific. Last Monday I had a bit of a whinge to my husband about being stressed, burnt out, and in desperate need of a holiday. Not thinking too much about it or how much power went into my words, I left it at that. The universe intervened, and on Tuesday I left work early sick and I haven’t yet been back. Thursday I spent the evening in the E.R. suffering terrible dehydration and today (Sunday) is the first time I was able to get out of the house. My brain is still a little fuzzy.


Be. Specific. Be very, very specific.

One thought on “Words in Spellcraft (Be Specific!)

  1. Ooh, that is indeed a case of getting more than you inadvertently bargained for. I hope you are better now. I find I only get sick when I bite off more than I can chew. It is my body’s way of assuring I take some downtime.

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