Around the Cauldron · For the Gods · The Pagan Experience 2015

Reconnecting with the Goddess

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m one of those women who connect better with Masculine Divine than Feminine Divine. I’m someone who feels the pull stronger to her Patron, and it’s always been that way. I’ve tried connecting with Feminine Divine in the past, but it’s never really held.

Within this post I have typed and deleted, typed and deleted, typed and deleted. I have a general idea of what I want this post to be about, but getting the words out is proving difficult without going completely off topic.

So instead, I want to use this week’s post for The Pagan Experience to be a giant Thank You to my Sisters – the amazing women that have welcomed me in over the last few weeks to honour the Goddess in her various forms and archetypes with them.


Thank-you, my Sisters, for welcoming me in to such a wonderful and heart-warming circle. Thank-you for helping me find the steps I needed to take on this new path within the forest journey. Thank-you for helping me find the balance that I have been searching for. Thank-you for allowing me to work with you, to laugh with you, to bitch with you, to craft with you, and to honour the Feminine Divine along side with you.

I am slowly finding myself more and more comfortable with working with Feminine Divine. I am finding myself more and more comfortable with asking the Goddess for assistance. I am finding myself dreaming of Feminine Divine, not so much to work with but, “hey, I’m here, pay me honour.”

At the university workshops earlier this month we were working along one of the many rivers within the Sydney region collecting water samples to test of phosphate, nitrate, oxygen levels, salinity etc. 00000MayanmoongoddessAfter the first day I dreamt of Ix Chel who reminded me that this was her domain, and I cannot take from her waters without her say-so. The next day an offering was made and I felt her accept it.

Working with such strong figures such as Feminine Divine becomes easier when you get to honour them along side such amazing strong women.

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