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The Hunter’s Protection

It’s “Deity and Divine” week again at The Pagan Experience!

When we speak of Deity and the Divine there are many ways to perceive their energy. Do you identify Deity as archetypal energy, part of a larger Limitless Source, purely anthropomorphic or a synthesis of much more? 

Seán George as The Horned God in "The Spirit of Albion: the Movie"
Seán George as The Horned God in “The Spirit of Albion: the Movie”

I’ve never considered Herne as an ‘archetypal energy’ but that’s not to say he isn’t. Now that the words are there and the thought is contemplated, he definitely does play his part of a “larger Limitless Source” (but don’t we all play a part in the larger scheme of things?) As the Hunter, he is focus, and drive, and attention to detail, but also protector of those within his party.

Lately I’ve been working with a wonderful group of amazing women as I’m trying to reconnect with the Goddess in all her various forms and archetypes. The general feeling I’ve been getting from Herne when these nights come up is, “I’m coming too.” The first time I was able to attend I reminded him that it’s a Women’s Circle and women’s business, but he accompanied me anyway (and continues to), and come the end of that night I understood why he chooses to come along.

If the last month or so has shown me anything, it is that he is incredibly protective of those who come to him (and in particular those who become Dedicants of his), and more so than I have ever given him credit for being. In this sense, himself and his energy does fall into an “archetype” of sorts – Hunter and Protector.

(As I don’t really know much different outside of the relationship I have with Herne, I am learning what is considered “normal” when it comes to working with Deity but I’m still pretty clueless. Ours is quite relaxed, informal to a degree, and after years of only working with him I’ve gotten so used to his company that I tend to forget that things aren’t like this with everyone else.)

I am (naturally) biased when it comes to Deity who I honour, respect and completely admire. Herne is who he is. I have felt his strength, his pride, his love, his protection. I have felt his anger, his frustration, his annoyance, and his distance. He plays his part as everyone does – he is Deity, Hunter, Protector, Stag Lord, Masculine Divine.

If you are ever scared or fearful, if you feel as though you need help with something in your life, call on Herne and he will assist. When spending the week (uni workshops) in an area of Sydney known for awful behaviour (rape, women being stalked and propositioned) I felt safest once I had asked Herne to keep myself and those in my class protected, safe on the water, and to return home safely.

5 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Protection

  1. I really liked this post. It comfirms things for me. Maybe one day I will post about it since it’s deeply personal but involves His reaction to me being harmed years before working with Him.

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