The Pagan Experience 2015

Personal Practice (The Pagan Experience)

I’m cheating a little bit with this week’s The Pagan Experience topic. I was so stumped by it!

Share your favourite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you?

It wasn’t until I read Diary of Bones‘s post that it clicked for me – I don’t feel as though I have specific practice, or at least one that I felt comfortable writing about, because I don’t separate my practice from my daily life.

I am constantly aware of what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and whom (if necessary) I’m doing something for. Taking away the binge eating thanks to recent events (and hormones!) I’m becoming more aware of my heath and the need to do something – and through that I am giving honour to Herne because of the deal we struck.

Brushing my hair, doing my teeth, taking a shower – I do bits and pieces with every day actions. I talk to my ancestors in the car on the way to work, I have some fantastic conversations which usually result in me in tears for some reason or another!

The jewellery I wear every day – I don’t wear things for the sake of wearing them, or because I think it’ll match my outfit. I don’t care about matching things. A lot of my jewellery is crystal-based so I choose to wear based on the energy I need to harness. The majority of necklaces I wear are from Forest Spirit Jewelery, my bracelets are handmade, and it’s only ever the same two rings – my wedding ring, and my Aes Sedai Great Serpent ring.

I don’t generally think twice about burning herbs to cleanse the air – it just depends on if my Muggle is home because he can’t tolerate many of my concoctions.

My thought process is “Pagan” which usually gets me into trouble, and I’m learning to hold my tongue because, like many of us experience, those around us do not share our beliefs. The music I constantly listen to is Pagan, the stories I’m in love with have a Pagan element, as are the stories I write.

I am someone who’s immediate thought process when something’s wrong is, “what crystal can I carry to help me through this” or “I need to make something for them, which herb should I use to go with the sigil I created” or “drink this tea, eat this root, light this candle, burn this blend.” When I need to reach for the panadol at work it feels wrong. When I know that what I need is Pagan based but I’m stuck in a Muggle situation with no access to it until I return home, it’s hard.

My personal practice, my spiritual practice, is my day to day life. It is so entwined, it is one and the same. Of course I adhere to a lot of what’s considered “normal” to be able to live in the world we live in, especially as I’m married to wonderful Muggle who just gets a glazed look whenever I talk “new agey” – we adapt.

I don’t consider this path my “religion” or just a “spiritual practice” – it’s how I think, it’s how I live, it’s who I am. This is my “normal.”

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