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By the Glorious New Moon

When I first began my journey on this path many many years ago, I felt drawn to the full moon. In fact, I never really honoured the new moon. For some stupid newbie reason, I didn’t see the importance of it.

I couldn’t see it in the sky, so it couldn’t have been THAT important, right?

Oh how I was wrong, young and ignorant.

New Moon
New Moon in the Southern Hemisphere

(it’s also depressing that when I googled “new moon” for the above image I was inundated with Twilight movie stills.) And for those from the Northern Hemisphere who weren’t aware, in the Southern Hemisphere the journey of the moon is left-to-right, whereas yours is right-to-left. So the above image is the New Moon for us, and ending Waning for you.

This image – to me – is less a new moon and more “Child”. I’m not sure how many of you have read “Self Initiation for the Solitary Witch” by Shanddaramon but I’ve mentioned it numerous times, and it’s the one book that was a focal point of my learning in the beginning.

So many of us who honour the moon as a representation of the Goddess knows her in her main elements – Maiden, Mother, Crone. Shanddaramon suggests another, for when the moon is in that phase between Dark of the Moon (death) and early New Moon – Child. It’s those first three days where she’s becoming visible in the sky again before she makes her journey to Maiden.

Over the last few months I’ve been drawn to working with the new moon more than the full moon and whereas I never really paid much attention to it in my early years on this path, I’m really noticing it now. It’s like looking for a rental – when you’re looking, you notice house “for sale” and “for rent” signs more than you would normally. Since I’ve been drawn to the Child Moon, I’ve been noticing others paying more and more honour to her, too. From friends at work to posts on facebook – the element of “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!” is quite strong!

Yes, it’s a new moon at the moment so that’s why everyone is commenting – but I’ve been noticing it all month long.

I’ve been getting signs all week from Herne, too, as I’m beginning a new branch of study, which I will write about when the time is right.

There’s a beautiful quality about seeing and really acknowledging the signs as they appear.

As for the glorious new moon, it’s the perfect time to begin this new branch of study, which follows into a new path of self discovery, and – when we finally beat the heat and get the elliptical trainer set up – I can begin my healthy path…again.

Acknowledging my old learnings and seeing her as a Child, I feel that connection. Children find discovery, imagination and joy out of ordinary things. They love to discover new things, find new smells, put their hands in weird things and open cupboard doors that their parents would much rather them not touch… everything is there to be explored.

It’s such an exciting time of new opportunities!!

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