Celebrating the Sabbats

Midwinter’s Day


I had planned on getting up to watch the sunrise on Midwinter’s Day. I normally wake around 5am for work so the time wasn’t an issue.

Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Instead, once some pills were popped and my body behaved, the Muggle and I spent most of the day outside enjoying the sunshine. And in modern-day Yule traditions, we bought ourselves stuff.

You know you’re getting old when buying a new dish rack and toaster is incredibly exciting! And a new bed, which is super ultra mega exciting!

Instead my Yule ritual became one of cleaning – namely cleaning “my room” where my altar and desk are. I got rid of boxes, found three bags of stuff to throw out, found a home in the wardrobe for the pedestal fan which doesn’t need to used in winter. But most importantly I cleaned and re-arranged my altar. Things that no longer served were thrown out, I moved shelves that weren’t being used in the lounge into my room to put my jars of herbs and other bits on, and discovered I now had room to begin an altar dedicated to my ancestors.

I honoured the dawn of the waxing year by preparing my space, by clearing out the winter/waning hoarding, and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Later, with dinner at the local RSL with a nice wintery dish of roast lamb, mash and vegies.

It’s been a very nice Midwinter this year!

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