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Incense for Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter Incense Blend
Herne the Hunter Incense Blend

I’m very excited that He’s letting me share this! After some very bad attempts at something we could agree on, we finally got there!

Herne the Hunter Oil – Vial
10 drops Pine essential oil
8 drops Patchouli essential oil
8 drops Juniper essential oil (I love Juniper!)
Base of Olive Oil
I add some oak bark into the vial for that connection back to his legend.

Herne’s Oil in a Burner
2 drops Pine essential oil
1 drop Patchouli essential oil
1 drop Juniper essential oil
Base of water

Herne the Hunter Incense
2 parts white oak
2 part sandalwood
2 parts oak bark
1 part pine needles
1/2 part pine resin
3 drops of Herne’s Oil


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