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Green in spell craft

"Growth - Embrace the Feminine" by Ravynne Phelan
“Growth – Embrace the Feminine” by Ravynne Phelan

Green! It’s a beautiful colour. As you can tell by my blog, it’s my favourite colour! It’s the colour most of us think of when we think of nature – green rolling hills, green forests, green moss covering rocks and boulders. In turn, it’s the colour that most of us associate with the element of Earth (I also like brown and grey).

Green is largely attributed to money in spell craft, and in particular candle magick. The thing is, it’s not a colour that I associate with money. I’ve come to believe that this is predominately an American association as it’s the colour of their note currency, and in turn has filtered into spell craft with thanks to American Pagan authors.

Australian note currency.
Australian note currency.

Why doesn’t it appeal to me and money? In Australia, only the $100 bills are green, and most of us don’t ever have those in our possession. Our paper money is blue, purple, red, yellow and green.

For me, gold and silver represent money, as gold and silver coins have been around a lot longer than paper.

For that reason, I’ve stepped away from the ‘traditional’ colours associated with most things, and I’ve begun doing what feels right for me, and what I associate with what I’m trying to achieve with a spell.

In spell craft, I associate lighting a green candle to represent fertility, life and new beginnings. It’s the first bud of a flower before opening to show the petals. It’s the leaves returning to the bare trees after a harsh winter. It’s the long grass on the hills.

What does green represent to you?

6 thoughts on “Green in spell craft

  1. I agree that the green=money thing seems to be tied to American money. When I was younger and first getting into this stuff, the first books I read were American and had a sort of “green means money, because *duh*” vibe. Gold in particular has always said money and wealth to me.

    Green’s always been about growth and nature for me, and luck and abundance (not necessarily in the monetary sense) because I’m used to living where it’s dry and brown most of the time, and only green and lush when the rain’s on our side.

    1. I remember years of drought so green was always the eucalyptus trees. One friend said, “it’s money because of abundance” but why should money be the first thing to come to mind with abundance?!

  2. Perfect! And so true that is a notion I’ve always questioned, why do they always seem to associate green with money and prosperity? To me it is Earth and everything about her, as you saw, new growth!

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