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(My) Charge of the God

As you can tell from the top menu bar, I’m a fan of Herne the Hunter. As a fan, a Daughter, and a Dedicant, I know of at least half a dozen different versions of his story, plus the short story I wrote about him. So what I thought I could do for this week, is share my Charge of the God, and offer some tips for those who want to create something for how they see the God/dess as a whole, or as individual Deities.

My Charge of the God was written in the style of Song of Amergin – “I am…” which is something we often do in Druidic rituals. Listen to your surroundings, and what do you hear? I am the running water of the creek. I am the gentle rustle of the leaves in the wind. I am the car stalling down the road as they try to do a hill start.

Then I put my frame of mind into that of who I was writing it for (in this case, Herne and the masculine energy of the God as a whole) and what he represents.

If you’d like to write your own personal charge, write down what the God/dess/Deity means and represents to you. What comes to your mind when you think of them? What do you believe they stand for? If it’s feminine, what feminine things do they represent? Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or if there’s flow – just write down in dot points what they mean to you. Flow and sense can come later when you put it all together.

If I was to write about the Goddess, the first things that came to my mind was “I am the fertile earth. I am the womb that all of creation is born from.” and “I am the Moon reflecting my Sun God’s light upon you, guarding you as you slumber,” and “I am the first whisper of a butterfly’s wing, breaking forth from the cuccoon.”

Really let your mind go and be as creative and descriptive as you want with it. It is, after all, for you and your connection with Spirit/God/dess/Deity.

This isn’t something I say in ritual, or ever. I’m not sure what others do with the Charge of the Goddess, but for me I have this on my wall at my work, on my wall in my home study, and it’s nice to read when you need their help or as a reminder that when times are tough or you’re stressed off your nut over school, they are there.

[NB: How yummy is Seán George as The Horned God from The Spirit of Albion movie?! If you haven’t seen it, or heard of it (oh dear Gods, where have you been?!), click the image and it’ll take you to their FB page. The movie is based off songs by Damh the Bard (Damh is pronounced Dah-ve and his real name is Dave), I’ve watched my copy of the DVD at least a dozen times, and was lucky enough to get Dave to sign the cover last year!! Ok, Fan Girl Moment over!]

Seán George as The Horned God in "The Spirit of Albion: the Movie"
Seán George as The Horned God in “The Spirit of Albion: the Movie”

Charge of the God
by Cara Fenton @ Book of Eucalypt 2012

I am the father of this land.
I am the sun growing the crops in the field
and the seed that ripens on mother earth.
I am the protector of animals.
I am the sound of hoofs charging through on the forest floor.
I am the rustle of leaves with the strong wind.
I am the autumn leaf falling to the ground at your feet.
I am the power of the wilderness.
I am the strength of the running stag.
I am the power of the rising river.
I am the balance to the goddess.
I am her companion in the winter months, and her lover at Beltane.
I am he who whispers in your ear at night, telling you tales as you drift off into slumber
of lands long gone, far, far away from the safety of your eucalypt tree.
I am found on every land, not bound to one.
I move within worlds, within forests, within sunlight and shadow.
I move with the wild herds, and the sleeping packs.
I am the Hunter, and the hunted.
I am protector to those hunted.
I am their father, they are my sons and daughters.
I am their brother, they are my kin.
I am found within every man who honours woman.
I am within your mate.
I am within you, as the seed that bore you once came from me.
I am the Green Man, the face in the trees.
I am Cernunnos.
I am the Horned God.
I am Herne the Hunter.
You are my Child and I will protect you, be your father, be your brother
Running beside you in the wilderness of this new world.
Times have changed, but I am still here
With you, beneath your eucalypt tree.

7 thoughts on “(My) Charge of the God

  1. What a beautiful peice, and unique idea. I have been working on an analysis of The multiple Charges of the Goddess (their sources and versions), trying to find one that resonates with me. I like this idea of writing my own charge, and may make it the end goal of my project. Thanks so much.

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