Around the Cauldron · Celebrating the Sabbats


The calender date for Lughnasadh may have been yesterday (February 2nd) but today FEELS like Lughnasadh!

The sun is out, the weather is gorgeous (and not too hot), the lawn is in need of a mow, and all I want to do is sit out the back in the sunshine with a glass of honeyed Bourbon.

I don’t normally do anything special for the traditional holidays (except for the cross quarters, but they’re different) especially since holidays like today, and Imbolc, they don’t really fit with where I live in Australia. But! I’m going to explain that and what a local Sydney Druid created in a future post, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, here’s some awesome songs about Lughnasadh to help celebrate in a rather simple fashion.

And Imbolc Blessings to my friends in the North!!

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