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Thank you Diana

This past week has been crazy! I have been so easily distracted and unfocused, and I think I know why.
In my last post I thanked Herne for being with me at uni, but there’s someone else waiting to be thanked and have their beautiful energy recognized.
Lady Diana, Mistress of the Hunt, thank you for giving me your support and energy to get through that strenuous week at uni. I am eternally thankful.
To celebrate the end of exams next month, and hopefully I can maintain my Distinction average, I’ll be celebrating with a new tattoo. I’m not someone who gets them for the sake of them. Each one represents a moment of accomplishment (as I’ve only got two!) I’ve created the design, the colours are ready, and it will be to thank both Herne and Diana.
If you’re wondering, Diana isn’t just a Roman Goddess. She was honoured for thousands of years in England, where London now stands. It’s said that she appeared to the Roman Emporer Brutus who told him to go to the land of white (i think this refers to the White Cliffs of Dover) and set up a temple to her there. St Peter’s Church now stands on that spot.
They’re both Deities of the Hunt, but their energy is so incredibly different. But they get along, which is a great thing! That could’ve been awkward!
I’m looking forward to the future. I have my goals and with skill, focus and precision I will achieve them.


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