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Child of the Sun King

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but this last week I’ve felt a strong masculine presence. I can’t think of any way to describe it, as I’ve never felt this before. But it’s been so strong that I’ve almost wanted to get away, far far away, from any man, including my Muggle. This presents a great problem at work, since all but four are men! Engineers, pah! haha

So I’ve put this masculine energy I’ve been feeling to Herne the Hunter coming to say hello, and my gods it’s made me more connected to him. That’s been wonderful, I must say! But I’m beginning to wonder if there’s more to it?

Sitting on the train coming home this afternoon, for a minute or so, the setting sun was coming in the window opposite me. I sit near the doors in the afternoon, so I get to look out the window on the other side of the carriage. I felt the setting sun give me a message, and I really need to write it down before I forget it.

You are a Child of the Sun King, and you must never forget that.
You hold within you the strength of the sun, the heart of the lion,
and the courage to accomplish anything.
Look within yourself, find that spark that has dwindled so,
and make it shine again.
Shine from the inside, and you shall shine on the outside.
The Sun will energise you, so come out more often.
You used to sit beneath my rays often, and now you hide away under false light.
Come outside under my light, and feel revitalised again, Child of the Sun King.

The Sun, masculine energy, the representation of the God. To me, I’ve always seen the sun as the physical form of the God. The Sun watches over us during the day, and the Moon cradles us as we rest.

I don’t like humidity, but I do love sunshine. At our old house (and when I was unemployed) I used to lie on the grass in the back yard and soak in the strength of the sun. All these things I used to do, I seem to have forgotten about.

I am a Child of the Sun. Why? I’m a Leo. Apparently, I’m some what of a typical Leo. Normally, I would only half agree. If you look at the common traits, it’s evenly split between my brother and I. At least it was. Through self acceptance, I am becoming more of a Leo craving spotlight. I’m overly opinionated, incredibly stubborn, and protective of my litter (friends, family etc.)

Perhaps it’s time to really latch onto the idea of what it means to be a Leo, masculine strength and all. Honour the strength I have within that I’ve somewhat hidden away, or never really got acquainted with in the first place. I’m sure this all has to do with me changing my mindset and getting healthy again. I’m eating breakfast again, am trying very hard to go with healthier options for lunch (soup, sushi, toasted sandwiches) and I’ve stopped eating white bread. Next is tackling dinner. I’m not smoking, I’ve been “clean” for four years in two weeks time, and I’ve cut back on drinking alcohol so the point that I rarely drink.

I am the same weight as I was when I got married, but I’m thinner, fitter and healthier.

So now I need to realise that, when I’m having a bad day (or mood swings) it’s all part of life, and I have the strength to work through it. I am a Leo, and I am a Child of the Sun King. I need to channel strength and perseverance into my life. I need to channel my inner Leo.

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