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Answering the Call – Herne the Hunter

I have always considered myself a Child of Herne the Hunter. Since I first found the Pagan path, it was he who chose me. He chose me from birth, allowing me to be raised under his guidance, in a suburb called ‘Herne Hill’.

Of late, the calling to connect with him on a much stronger level has surfaced. I’ve seen his images everywhere, heard his voice in the oddest of situations. I feel his love, his strength, and his wisdom; and it comforts me like a warm blanket.

Herne the Hunter, father of the forest, I answer your call. Show me the way to respond, great hunter!

I’ve been searching google, deviantART and the like for images of him that somewhat match the image I see in my mind. Alas, there is nothing. So many concentrate on illustrating him as young, whereas I see him as older. He is ancient, wise, and radiates strength, courage and will power. He exudes sexuality, but is gruff at the same time. He’s not a pretty faced 20-something year old – to me, he is older, taking on his role as father. Beard, slightly sunken eyes, but with such fierceness behind them. Strong legs as he runs through the forest, muscular upper body exuding his physical strength.

Unfortunately, the best example from this world I can think of to describe how I see him, is similar to that of Gerard Butler. Rugged yet handsome strong, fatherly. Gorgeous, yet intimidating.

I’m unsure of the best way to really connect with the messages I’m receiving. If I’m silent in the house, my Muggle will call out. I can never seem to find the time to go to a peaceful spot, for one reason or another. I shall ponder.

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