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The Fool’s First Step

I feel like I’m coming full circle. Yule some years ago I attended a workshop with Michelle on connecting with the Tarot and wrote about it in ‘The Fool at Midwinter’. Here we are again, but thanks to COVID it’s through Facebook and I’m able to connect in my time, on the land I call… Continue reading The Fool’s First Step

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To the Sabbat I will Ride

Brightest Blessings of the Solstice to you all. I’ve always loved the Winter Solstice. I’ve always loved being cold, knowing I could rug up. I love the sound of rain on the metal roof, the freshness in the air, the greening of the hills and how the eucalyptus leaves get this different haze as the… Continue reading To the Sabbat I will Ride

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Riverina & Snowy Pagans – a year travelling the Wheel

This weekend the Riverina and Snowy Pagans celebrated our 2nd Ostara, marking one year of celebrating the Wheel within our region. The group formed on Facebook in May last year after I moved to the Riverina from Sydney and missed the amazing Sydney Pagan community. I wanted to connect with others in my new region,… Continue reading Riverina & Snowy Pagans – a year travelling the Wheel