For the Gods · The Pagan Experience 2015

Meeting Manannán mac Lir

I’ve never worked with Manannán mac Lir before, and until a search before writing this, I don’t believe I was even pronouncing his name correctly. Manannán mac Lir is a Deity of Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and Manx legend, associated with the Tuatha and the Formorians. He is the God of the sea, the oceans, and storms.… Continue reading Meeting Manannán mac Lir

Around the Cauldron · Pagan Blog Project 2014

Beach Magick and Spellcraft – When Simple is Best

If you’re lucky enough to be living in a coastal town or city, heading to the beach to ground, or cast magick is highly therapeutic. Beaches can be that pure white squeaky sand, shelly, littered with seaweed or driftwood, or wonderful little pebbles which make great hand-made runes (my first set was pebbles with a… Continue reading Beach Magick and Spellcraft – When Simple is Best