Around the Cauldron · The Pagan Experience 2015


The Pagan Experience: Wk 2- September 14: A Special Teacher. Who has most inspired you in your craft? This may be an individual you have trained with or someone who you know only from the efforts and great works they have modelled Tell us a bit about who this is and how they have made a mark in your own pursuit.

Since coming to this path many, many moons ago, I’ve had a few people come and go from my life, and it’s only later in reflection do I realise just how much of an impact they had on me. Some are still here, some are new, some are still teaching me after all this time, but there’s only one person I’ve had to consciously say “good bye” to (for privacy reasons, I won’t mention names).

I’ll start with her first. She was my first teacher; she was my Reiki Master, and she introduced me to the beginning of understanding who I am – an Indigo Child, a Child of the Divine, and as a Holistic Councillor she helped me in the true beginning of the, “Okay, let’s get this depression dealt with” stage of life. When I knew her she was a Spiritualist Christian. I have no issues with that – you honour who you honour. But one day she said to me, (and I quote), “…until you accept Jesus and Heaven into your life you’ll never be happy.” She knew who I was, what I practiced. So I consciously parted ways. I’m still thankful for the role she has played in my life, but I’m also saddened that it had to end like that.

During that time I met this amazing, strong willed, determined, powerful individual who (probably without realising it) led me to throw everything I believed and thought I knew on it’s head and re-evaluate. She tore the fluffy padding away from my eyes, she introduced me to a new world of the Craft, she made me grow up. It was with her help that I found a true path, a greater understanding of what was possible. She was our High Priestess at our Handfasting, she will always be my Sister, and there will never be enough words to describe just how much I value, appreciate and am thankful to know her (or how teary I’m getting thinking about it!) She’s one fucking amazing woman.

There is my Oma, my great-grandmother, who has gifted me my spiritual sensibility and gifts. She first presented herself shortly after my Reiki I attunement, and plays such an important role in my life right now. She is the guiding force behind my desire to develop what I can do, to grow my confidence and no longer be scared of reaching my potential.

And of course, there is my teacher, my brother, my father, my friend – Herne the Hunter. He who is helping me develop my new path, my own Tradition, finding balance within myself, within Archetypes, within the Wheel of the Year. He who has taught me the importance of truly knowing self, of knowing your craft, of finding your strengths. He who will kick my ass when I don’t do as I know I should, he who I go to as my first line of defence and he who tells me to “suck it up, you know how to handle this.” He who is helping me attune myself in many forms to this great land, who introduced me to the quintessential essence of this land – Sovereignty, Gaia, Mother Earth.

Other people have come into my life who have taught me some amazing things, but none have played the role as teacher as strongly as the above. There are people who introduced me to new ways of thinking: like creating a local Wheel of the Year; my Sisters helping me reconnect to the Goddess; and my current teacher helping me attune my Medium abilities.

Teachers in my life have presented themselves as Spiritualist Christians, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Ancestors, Gods. I never know the impact they’ll have on my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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