30 Days of Devotion

Day Thirty: Getting to know you

Day the thirtieth: Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about this deity?

If you feel his energy around you, welcome it. Embrace it! If he found you, just go with the flow!

If you’re reaching out to him, start by saying ‘hello’.

And! I cannot link back to this book enough – In Search of Herne the Hunter by Eric Fitch! It’s a fantastic book and a wonderful study on Herne, diving into this associations, old rites from different lands with a similar meaning. It’s a very, very good study and it’s worthy of a spot on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Herne.

Herne the Hunter by Trebuxet @ dA
Herne the Hunter by Trebuxet @ deviantART

When we first found each other, I was very new on this path, so I believe I used to just call out to him in ritual and ask for him to join me. Starting my path via Wicca, within the circle was my “safe place” (now I chat with him in the car) but how you begin is ultimately up to you.

He is someone to be in awe of, like every Deity, but he is amazing. He is patient when you’re learning, he’s strong and intimidating and radiating when you need strength, and he will help when you need protection. He’s not someone you will become best buddies with straight away. He will sit back and watch, and judge your progress, but if you’re like me and become a Dedicant of his, he will take you under his wing, he will lend you’re his strength to get through the hardest of times, and he will be there to help you through any challenge. He won’t do it for you, he will coach you and help you and show you ways to do it on your own, so you can learn and grow.

For me, he’s been both Father and a big brother, a teacher, a coach, a friend, and all the while omnipotent and omnipresent.

Take the time to know him, and he will take the time to know you.

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty: Getting to know you

  1. I’ve read all of your 30 Days posts with pleasure but especially love this one. 🙂 (And I second your recommendation for Fitch’s book; it’s excellent!)

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