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A New Chapter Begins

This weekend past was the AWC – the Australian Wiccan Conference, in its 29th year. It was my first, and I’m already looking forward to next years!

I had such a fantastic time!! A weekend on an island to ourselves and the elements (and staff, obviously) on the Hawksbury River. I got to wake up to the sound of kookaburras every morning, and the occasional faulty fire alarm. I met up with old friends, made new friends, and met people from facebook like fellow blogger, witchweaver.

I have learnt so much from that weekend. I have grown as a person, as a Witch/Druid/Whatever I’m in the mood to call myself. I have gained a confidence that I know what my path is. It is clear as day in my mind, in my soul. I know fully the aspects that I don’t like, or don’t agree with, which I once thought I must do when I was a newbie. Twelve years on, I feel as though I have finished that chapter of my path completely, and am on a new page. It’s a new road in the forest, and the trees are lush and green.

This weekend was so powerful. For me, at my first AWC, I came home buzzing with so much energy, that it has only just subsided. I know who I am now. More than ever before, I know who I am. Yesterday morning after I showered, I played my drum for Herne in a way I’ve never done. The feeling afterwards was stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before. I tingled head to toe, my cheeks hurt from smiling, and I knew. I just knew.

And I lay-buy’d an athame. Oh, it is beautiful. At the AWC Market there was a blacksmith selling his work. There it was, deer horn hilt with double edged blade. My hand didn’t just buzz when I held it – my hand throbbed, and buzzed, and pins-and-needled when I held it. I knew it was mine. I almost didn’t buy it, because I rarely use one; but the more I thought about it, the more I realised the one I currently have belonged to [old Witch name], not me (even though I no longer use that name, I cannot mention it as it will bring ill tidings). So I’ll cleanse it and pack it away, maybe let it rehome itself in the future. Because this one is mine. And I look forward to paying it off so it can arrive!

In the future, probably not next year but certainly in the future, I want to go to the Reclaiming Witch Camp in Healesville, Victoria. After being involved in a mini ritual led by Gede Parma, I want to dive into that world. It was beautiful, and powerful, and I could feel my soul singing to the Earth. I’ve never felt so confident in a circle before, in any circle. But through the lessons learnt at the workshops that weekend, through the energy of the land and of the weekend, I felt connected at every moment during the ritual.

Today, I feel confident. TRUE confidence – it’s swirling around me and radiating from me. My heart beats in tune with Mother Earth. My soul soars high on the winds, and dances amongst the leaves on the trees. I feel alive, and whole, and at true peace within myself.

I am a Woman of the Earth. I am a Daughter of the land and trees, of the seas and rivers, the sky and wind, the sun and moon.

Blessed Be.

3 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

  1. I loved reading this, AWC is a great experience, you meet such wonderful people. So glad you are feeling this sense of connection and surety- it’s a wonderful thing 🙂 I hope to get up to AWC next year. Blessings! x

    1. I’m not Wiccan! But it was a great experience. I only went because it was in Sydney, but I’m definitely going to next years in Darwin, and the year after in Melbourne. Come along!!!

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