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Journey of the Fool at Midwinter

Sometimes you need to do what is right for your mentality, even if it puts your body under physical stress. Feel free to disagree with me, but the back/knee/hip pain was absolutely worth the drive to Stanwell Park Beach to watch the sun rise on Midwinter’s Day. Six weeks ago I hurt my back and… Continue reading Journey of the Fool at Midwinter

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How I found my Pagan Path

A question posted within my spiritual community recently asked how we came to our pagan pathway, and whether it changed our lives. Personally, the date I remember of saying, “enough is enough” with Catholicism was March 28, 1999. I was 14. I was listening to Silverchair’s “Neon Ballroom” album, sitting at my desk in my… Continue reading How I found my Pagan Path

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Creating an internal grove

Something I’ve been exploring over the last two months or so is working with and creating an internal grove. Many of us live in suburbia and for whatever reason cannot get out into nature. We may be in the heart of the city, we may have issues with anxiety, it may be pouring down with… Continue reading Creating an internal grove