The Pagan Experience 2015

Personal Practice (The Pagan Experience)

I’m cheating a little bit with this week’s The Pagan Experience topic. I was so stumped by it! Share your favourite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you? It wasn’t until I read Diary of Bones‘s post that it clicked for me – I don’t feel as… Continue reading Personal Practice (The Pagan Experience)

Celebrating the Sabbats · For the Gods · Pagan Blog Project 2014

The hand that governs change

Hail the Mighty Holly King, for He has won the crown from the frail Oak King and now rules over the (Southern Hemispheric) Waning Year! Or so I’d normally proclaim at Litha. (Firstly, yay for being back at a computer! We didn’t take it down with us on our “annual pilgrimage to Victoria” and there’s… Continue reading The hand that governs change

Celebrating the Sabbats · Pagan Blog Project 2014

Yearning for the past with a romanticised filter

With the stupid season upon us, I’m making small preparations for a week spent with my family interstate. With Litha falling on the days down there, I’m making a small box of things I need to take with me – specially created incense for the occasion, charcoal discs, the gift Herne insisted I buy for… Continue reading Yearning for the past with a romanticised filter