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Bargaining with the Gods for Help | Onderhandelen met de Goden voor hulp

I was reminded recently of a time I bargained with the Gods. I was young, stupid, and it was complete desperation. It was near midnight, cold, clear sky. I went to visit my Great Grandmother who had passed less than 10 years prior. It wasn’t my intention, but I broke. I found a tree, lit… Continue reading Bargaining with the Gods for Help | Onderhandelen met de Goden voor hulp

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The Oracle of the Antlered Road

Elen of the Ways is an antlered Goddess of British mythology. She is Sovereignty, she is the Green Woman. She is of the ancient tracks and path ways, and is helping me journey down one particular path Herne has claimed as “Women’s Business”. There is not much written about her from the old texts, as she… Continue reading The Oracle of the Antlered Road

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Embracing Masculine Energy within Femininity

We’re a species that love to label things, and through Paganism most of us find harmony with giving things a title of “masculine” or “feminine”. For example, the athame is masculine as it represents the phallus, while the chalice is feminine as it represents the womb. I never realised that what I practise and the… Continue reading Embracing Masculine Energy within Femininity

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Leaving the Forest (the Myrddin)

[Inspired by my current study of Avalonian Witchcraft, this is a very short story written specifically for this week’s topic at The Pagan Experience: Earth – The word “earth” has multiple meanings. What does it mean to you? How do you use its definitions to support your work?] Leaving the Forest (the Myrddin) © Stepping out of the… Continue reading Leaving the Forest (the Myrddin)