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Meeting Manannán mac Lir

I’ve never worked with Manannán mac Lir before, and until a search before writing this, I don’t believe I was even pronouncing his name correctly. Manannán mac Lir is a Deity of Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and Manx legend, associated with the Tuatha and the Formorians. He is the God of the sea, the oceans, and storms.… Continue reading Meeting Manannán mac Lir

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The Witch that Danced Upon the Shore (short story)

Hail to the wind that blows Alive beneath the wings of crows Blessed be the mighty force of nature ~ Force of Nature, Sharon Knight The Witch that Danced Upon the Shore (c) Cara Fenton @ Book of Eucalypt 2014. Alone she stood on the shore, facing out to the water, watching the full moon rise above and… Continue reading The Witch that Danced Upon the Shore (short story)